Alpharetta City Council Meeting October 28,2013

Monday night the mayor and council will be touring the City Hall site to view the current progress and will hold a special workshop to discuss some architectural details before our regularly scheduled meeting. If you have any comments or questions please let me know.

City of Alpharetta

Special Called Council Workshop for October 28, 2013

City Center Construction Office

50 South Main Street

Alpharetta, GA 30009

6:00 PM – 7:15 PM

NOTE: While this is not an official meeting of the Alpharetta City Council,

all Council Members have been invited to attend.  This notice is provided

due to the possibility for a quorum of members being in attendance.

  1. Observations From Construction Site Tour
  2. Discussion Of Architectural Elements

A. Brick and Mortar

B. Council Chambers

  1. Adjournment

City of Alpharetta

Public Hearing and Council Meeting for October 28, 2013

City Hall Council Chambers

7:30 PM

  1. I.              CALL TO ORDER
  2. II.            ROLL CALL
  3. III.           PLEDGE TO THE FLAG
  4. IV.          CONSENT AGENDA
    1. A.    Meeting Minutes
      1. Special Called Meeting of 10/16/2013
    2. B.    Alcoholic Beverage License Applications
      1. PH-13-AB-25                 P.J.’s Food, Inc.

d/b/a Mama’s Kitchen

5950 North Point Parkway, Suite 100

Consumption on Premises

Beer and Wine – No Sunday Sales

  1. PH-13-AB-26                 Haiku in Alpharetta, Inc.

d/b/a Haiku Sushi and Steakhouse

5966 North Point Parkway

Consumption on Premises

Liquor, Beer and Wine – Sunday Sales

  1. V.            WORKSHOP
    1. A.    City Center Update
  2. VI.          PUBLIC HEARING
    1. A.    Community Development
      1. MP-13-05 / V-13-14: Parkway 400

Consideration of a request to amend the Parkway 400 Masterplan in order to increase Pod C density to 630,000 square feet of office space (currently permitted 265,737 square feet) with structured parking and one 10,000 square foot restaurant. Applicant also requests to add additional uses to the Master Plan. A variance to the required buffer adjacent to residential property is requested as well as a parking variance. The property includes 17.95 acres and is located at the south end of Amberpark Drive, and legally described as being located in Land Lot 804 1st District, 2nd  Section, Fulton County, Georgia.

  1. Z-13-10 / CLUP-13-10: Wills Road at Rucker Road

Consideration of a request to rezone approximately 8.65 acres from R-15 to R-8D (for-sale detached) in order to develop 28 single family homes.  A request to change the Comprehensive Land Use Plan from “Low Density Residential” to “Medium Density Residential” was also requested.  The property is located at the southwest corner of Wills Road and Rucker Road and legally described as being located in Land Lots 599, 646 1st District, 2nd Section, Fulton County, Georgia.

  1. PH-13-15: City of Alpharetta Capital Improvement Element

Consideration of adopting the Capital Improvement Element update.

    1. A.    Public Safety
      1. Consideration of Intergovernmental Agreement with Fulton County: Use of Emergency Radio System
  2. VIII.        REPORTS


City of Alpharetta

Executive Session Agenda for October 28, 2013

City Hall Council Chambers

Immediately Following Council Meeting

  1. I.              REAL ESTATE
  2. II.            PENDING LITIGATION
  3. III.           ADJOURNMENT

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