Alpharetta Plays Where’s Waldo With Residents

Tonight the City of Alpharetta will unveil a comprehensive plan that shows their vision of the future for our community. The new comprehensive plan will outline how many more high density mixed use developments the city plans to add and which schools will be affected. The comprehensive plan will also determine where development will occur and thus dictate whether Kimball Bridge Road, Rucker Road and Webb Bridge Road will need to be made four lane traffic corridors to accomodate the additional volume of cars. In fact the City’s initiative called Comprehensive Plan 2030 will impact the property values of every homeowner in the city and it will affect every school in Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton and Alpharetta so you might say it’s kind of a big deal.

So why don’t the residents of Alpharetta know about it? Below is a snapshot of the city’s website that I took this morning and you can click on the picture to enlarge it:

Notice anything missing?

Now I know I’m just some crazy blogger but doesn’t it seem like a meeting that  will impact every family in the city might rate a visible mention on their website? You can see that just yesterday the City added notices about Mortgage Payment Assistance, City Pool Passes and Pedestrian Safety but not a single indication that the future of our city will be unveiled tonight. There’s even an entire section about Alpharetta being a Green Community and how we are “Leading the way to Sustainability” whatever that means. But not one single notice on the front page of the city’s website that a meeting crucial to the future of Alpharetta is being held today.

It is inexcusable that the city didn’t even bother to let people know about today’s unveiling but as someone who follows these events closely it isn’t surprising at all. Do I think it is some kind of conspiracy? No. I think it is either incompetence on the part of our Community Development Department or just another example of how little consideration they give to resident input. Maybe both.

But regardless of the reason it is sad that a town our size does such a poor job of listening to the people that live, vote and raise families here. For those of you that wish to attend, the Comprehensive Plan unveiling will be held at Alpharetta City Hall from 4:00 until 8:00 today (March 22).

Oh, and if you had known to go to the city’s website and press the tiny blue link labeled Comprehensive Plan 2030 you could have found Waldo there.

4 thoughts on “Alpharetta Plays Where’s Waldo With Residents

  1. Nice. The city has a website for the 2030 plan, called They also have a twitter account (with all of four tweets and 15 followers). It’s a very halfass attempt to publicize this event. There are karaoke nights at Alpharetta bars that get more attention than this.

  2. Our generation will likely be able to keep our “devil’s density” but what about the next generation? They will be unable to realize the American Dream if these policies continue, and that is a shame.

  3. Jimmy,

    I agree that the city certainly could have made the Comp Plan meeting more visible on the website, no doubt about it.

    I would also point out, however, that the meeting date and the website for the supporting materials were widely publicized on the front page of the Revue, which was thrown on the front lawn of every house in town last week.

    In addition, the former president — and current Board member — of Windward Homeowners, Inc. is ON the steering committee for the Comp Plan. At each meeting, the committee members are implored — OK begged — to publicize the public meetings within their “spheres of influence”, i.e. neighborhood email lists, or perhaps even the neighborhood newsletter if you’re fortunate enough to have access to space. Ideally, both.

    I did note a nice, almost full page story in the WHI March Currents explaining the Comp Plan process and promoting tonight’s Open House.

    Between the front page of the local newspaper and a nice advance piece in Currents, there’s certainly no reason we shouldn’t have a big turnout tonight! I’m certain both have a larger following than the city website.

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