Where High-Income and Low-Income Workers Live in Atlanta

In 2009 the Atlanta Regional Commission published an interesting report called Where High Income and Low-Income Workers Live in Atlanta. The study’s basic conclusion was that,” Low-income workers, for example, tend to live south of I-20, while high-income workers live north of I-20 along the GA 400 corridor”. Of course anyone casually familiar with Atlanta could have told you that but the maps used to illustrate the conclusion are worth seeing. (You can click on the images to enlarge)

The difference is stark. And if you notice how many of the high wage earners live in the proposed Milton County you can see why the rest of Fulton County and the City of Atlanta are desperate to make sure it never happens.

Like swallows returning to Capistrano…

An article in yesterday’s Atlanta Journal reports:

“North Fulton legislators re-introduced a bill Monday that could lead to the re-creation of  Milton County, hoping this year is the turning point for a proposal that failed in previous sessions.”

I lived in unincorporated Fulton County before it was annexed into Alpharetta and when the topic of Milton County was first raised I was enthusiastic about the possibility. The thought of never having to witness the foolishness that occurs at Fulton County Commission meetings was incentive enough. 

If you haven’t watched one of the county commission meetings you really should. You won’t believe your eyes. 

But over the years my enthusiasm for Milton County has faded. Given my frustration with some of my elected officials here in Alpharetta I’m just not sure we would be any better off.

You can read the rest of the article here.