Is Alpharetta a good place for a black family?

In looking over the GA Jim traffic yesterday I noticed that someone was directed to this blog after asking a search engine “is alpharetta a good place for black family”. The searcher was directed to my earlier post Racial diversity in Alpharetta? Duh! and I hope they found the answer they were looking for.

And if anyone else ever finds GA Jim looking for an answer to that same question let me give them a clear and unambiguous answer: YES.

Alpharetta has great schools, low crime and a fantastic quality of life. Any family that values those qualities will find Alpharetta is an outstanding place to call home… regardless of race. Welcome to Alpharetta!


Racial diversity in Alpharetta? Duh!

This article in the Atlanta Journal reports that census figures show black families are migrating from urban centers in the south to the suburbs in large numbers. To that shocking revelation my response is “Duh!”.

The example given in the article is that of the Taylor family which recently moved from Atlanta to the city of Alpharetta. The story describes the family’s decision to move like this:

Among the new black suburbanites are Ray Taylor, 34, and his wife, Marcia, 33. Four years ago, they moved from Atlanta to the northern suburb of Alpharetta, Ga., about 20 miles away, seeking better schools and a wider range of community activities. They now have two small children, ages 4 and 1.

Taylor, a political independent who voted for Democrat Barack Obama in 2008, said he also liked having more exposure to people of different racial and political backgrounds. Compared with Atlanta, Alpharetta has a broader mix of whites and Hispanics and tends to lean more Republican.

“We wanted to be close enough to access the city and have the best of both worlds,” he said.

The story about the Taylor family is pretty much the same as that of the Tramonte family I wrote about last week other than the race of the people involved. In fact the only thing truly surprising about the Taylor family’s story is that Associated Press considered their race to be newsworthy at all. Anyone that attends public schools in North Fulton or goes shopping at Northpoint Mall already knows that Alpharetta is as culturally diverse as most of Atlanta’s inner city neighborhoods but I guess that is still news to people that don’t live here.

Welcome to Alpharetta Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. Based on your criteria for selecting a home you have chosen wisely and rest assured that you are surrounded by people that share many of your values regardless of political affiliation or skin color. Alpharetta is a terrific place for your family and I hope your children spend many happy years calling this home.