New Downtown Alpharetta Parking Deck Proposal


Monday night the City of Alpharetta held a public meeting to unveil the new proposal for more taxpayer subsidized parking in downtown Alpharetta. It was great to see so many people show up for the meeting and most of the feedback I heard there and in the days since has been largely supportive.

Some people told me they have concerns about the cost and doubt the need for taxpayers to spend $8 million to build parking for downtown businesses. One of the commercial property owners downtown told me that the new plan still wouldn’t be enough. And others told me that the city should build all of the parking next to the cemetery and none on the Old Roswell Street site at all.


But in general most of the people who took the time to share their thoughts about the new plan feel it is a reasonable compromise between the previous proposals. The new plan would build 187 new parking spaces on Milton Avenue next to the cemetery at a cost of about $5 million. It would also add 80 parking spaces on the site between Roswell Street and Old Roswell Street behind Smokejack at a cost of about $3 million bringing the total projected cost for the two decks to just over $8 million total.

I am including a few pictures here but if you aren’t familiar with the new proposal I highly recommend that you review all of the materials available on the city website here. Our staff did a tremendous job assembling all of the relevant supporting materials there.

The final decision will likely be made during Monday night’s Alpharetta City Council meeting so please take the time to look at the new plan if you haven’t already and let us know your thoughts. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section of this post and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.



6 thoughts on “New Downtown Alpharetta Parking Deck Proposal

  1. I too have concerns with taxpayers subsidizing parking for downtown businesses. I think they should be contributing. I also think the code should be modified, so new buildings in downtown must provide on-site parking.

    $8 million is a ton of money for parking!

    With that said, I like the revised proposal for the Old Roswell Street site. I looked at the area last night to picture the deck in that space. I think it will fit nicely. I like the new, dedicated event / gathering space and the option to close off the top deck for events. The design should allow pedestrians to access the deck from multiple corners of it to allow good flow during events. The automated space available system should have displays at the Roswell St entrance and Old Roswell / Roswell. The Milton Avenue deck is my preferred location though. But, building both makes sense. I wish the cost per net new space for the Old Roswell St deck was lower. And, none of it will be usable when Roswell St is closed for events. The Milton Avenue location should be constructed right from the beginning to support 2 or more additional decks. The spaces will be needed. So spend more now and less later and reinforce even the exterior piers during the initial construction.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate the input and will pass along some of your points that may not have already been considered.

      Just so you know, there will be some money contributed toward the parking deck by property owners downtown. I don’t recall the exact amount off the top of my head but probably about 5-10% of the cost will come from the developer of Liberty Hall & money paid into the downtown parking fund.

  2. A couple of questions…

    When the Made lot was being considered for a parking deck, did the City or consultants consider obtaining land rights if necessary & extending the parking deck over the large detention pond area? Assuming it could be engineered at built at reasonable cost, it certainly would allow for a much bigger parking deck & might even be a viable way just to expand the surface parking.

    Currently, there are dumpsters in the Old Roswell lot. Would the new deck have provisions for the dumpsters? Ideally the surrounding businesses would have on site screened areas for storing their trash & recycling instead of using City property.

    The Old Roswell lot also has porta potties during event months. How many spaces would have to be cut to include public restrooms in the deck design? The deck on the east side has them. It would be great to have some on the west side too.

    • We did discuss expansion of the “Made” parking lot but I don’t recall talking about building over the detention pond. Maybe that is something that could be considered at some time in the future but for now I think that would be cost prohibitive.

      Your points about the dumpsters & restrooms are good ones and I know they were also discussed in the past but have not heard them discussed as part of this recent proposal. Keep in mind that the types of events and their locations in the future may change over time as City Center is built on the east side of Main Street so it may not make sense to spend a lot of money based on present configurations. Will be glad to bring up your points Monday night though. Thanks again for your comments.

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