Legitimate Poll shows Overwhelming Opposition to Rail in North Fulton

Supporters of Georgia State Senator Brandon Beach’s MARTA tax increase bill, SB 313, have made many claims about public support for the legislation. As an elected representative of 63,000 people who live in Alpharetta I know many of those claims are inconsistent with the truth. That is why I am pleased to release the findings of an objective, statistically valid poll which demonstrates the people of North Fulton overwhelmingly oppose such a tax increase for the purpose of extending heavy rail in the region.

Legitimate Poll shows Overwhelming Opposition to Rail in North Fulton

Voters in the 5 major cities of North Fulton county have spoken and oppose a massive tax increase to support a Marta heavy rail extension.  When presented with a reasonable and accurate set of facts, the poll showed a clear landslide rebuttal.  Women opposed the tax increase and rail line by almost 63% and Republicans by almost 69%.  Democrats also opposed by a slim majority and African-Americans opposed by over 66%.  All age demographics were a majority against the tax increase and rail line. The poll was conducted by Landmark Communications a respected, non-biased firm.


Landmark MARTA poll

1 thought on “Legitimate Poll shows Overwhelming Opposition to Rail in North Fulton

  1. Jimmy, I get your opposition and understand your desire to find information that supports your side but this poll is flawed. Any legitimacy you are lauding is negated by the inferred bias in this poll’s verbiage. Anyone who reads this would see that it is setting up an anti-rail view point. If i were to tell you all of the negatives about a potential decision while not equally voicing the benefits of that same decision and then ask you if you support that decision, your support or likely lack thereof would be biased and any sample of responses would be flawed. I’m sorry, but this is not a “legitimate” poll just because it supports your view.

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