Alpharetta City Council Agenda October 7, 2013

City of Alpharetta

Public Hearing and Council Meeting for October 07, 2013

City Hall Council Chambers

7:30 PM


  1. I.              CALL TO ORDER
  2. II.            ROLL CALL
  3. III.           PLEDGE TO THE FLAG
  4. IV.          CONSENT AGENDA
    1. A.   Meeting Minutes
      1. Council Meeting of 09/16/2013
      2. Public Hearing of 09/23/2013
    2. B.   Alcohol License Applications:
      1. PH-13-AB-22              Firefly Restaurant Holdings, Inc.

                                                                  d/b/a Firefly Restaurant

                                                                  3070 Windward Plaza – Suite P

                                                                   Consumption on Premises

                                                                    Liquor, Beer & Wine – Sunday Sales

  1. V.            WORKSHOP
    1. A.   City Center Update
  2. VI.          PUBLIC HEARING
    1. A.   New Business
      1. Alcohol Beverage Application
        1. PH-13-AB-23        Eleven11 Concepts, LLC

d/b/a Famous Originals Pizza

3665 Old Milton Parkway – Suite 60

Consumption on Premises

Beer & Wine – Sunday Sales

  1. Community Development
    1. V-13-11 JSB Homes

Consideration of a variance to permit a flag lot and the minimum property frontage on a street in order to create two separate lots on property located at 12550 New Hopewell Road. The property is legally described as being located in Land Lot 1125, 2nd District, 2nd Section, Fulton County, Georgia.

    1. A.   New Business
      1. Grants Administration
        1. Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank
      2. Recreation and Parks
        1. Lightning Prediction System for City Parks: Bid 14-001
        2. Webb Bridge Tennis Courts: Repair, Resurfacing & Recoating
      3. Engineering / Public Works
        1. Rucker Road Corridor Design: RFP 14-101
        2. FY 2014 Bridge Maintenance: Bid 14-004
        3. FY 2014 Pavement Marking Services: Bid 14-011
      4. Administration
        1. An Ordinance of the Mayor and Council of the City of Alpharetta, Georgia to Amend Chapter 2, Article II of the Code of the City of Alpharetta, Georgia Regarding the Municipal Court

(Second Reading)

  1. An Ordinance to Amend the Unified Development Code in Order to Amend Article IV Section 4.4.3 Land Disturbance Permit; Section 4.4.6 Inspections and Development Activity Completion; Section 4.4.7 Assignment of Names and Addresses; and to Repeal All Ordinances or Parts of Ordinances in Conflict Herewith.

(Second Reading)

  1. Door to Door Solicitation Ordinance

(Second Reading)

  2. IX.          REPORTS



City of Alpharetta

Executive Session Agenda for October 07, 2013

City Hall Council Chambers

Immediately Following Council Meeting


  1. I.              PERSONNEL
  2. II.            REAL ESTATE
  3. III.           ADJOURNMENT


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