Alpharetta City Council Agenda September 16, 2013

City Council did not meet this week but the agenda for next week has been published and it is posted below for your review. I have not had an opportunity to read all the supporting materials yet but if you have questions please let me know in the comment section and I will do my best to get you an answer.

Two items that stand out as being particularly important for the future of Alpharetta are the presentation by MARTA during the workshop and the discussion of private development opportunities within the City Center project. I hope you can join us for those discussions.

Update 9/16/2013 9:30 a.m. Please note that the agenda for tonight’s meeting was updated late Friday to include an additional New Business item. Unforeseen changes to the LOST agreement require Alpharetta City Council to revisit changes to the original agreement previously approved. The change was publicly announced Friday but I am just now getting it updated here.

City of Alpharetta

Council Meeting for September 16, 2013

City Hall Council Chambers

7:30 PM

  1. I.              CALL TO ORDER
  2. II.            ROLL CALL
  3. III.           PLEDGE TO THE FLAG
  4. IV.           PROCLAMATION
    1.     Constitution Week
  5. V.            CONSENT AGENDA
    1.     Public Hearing and Council Meeting Minutes
      1. Meeting of 08/26/2013
      2. Meeting of 09/03/2013
    2.     Monthly Financial Management Report
      1. Month Ending 08/31/2013
  6. VI.           WORKSHOP
    1.     City Center Update
    2.     MARTA Briefing on Connect 400 Transit Initiative
  7. VII.         NEW BUSINESS
    1.     Administration
      1. Resolution: Local Option Sales Tax Distribution
    2.     Grants Administration
      1. Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Letter of Interest
    3.     Community Development
      1. Discussion of RFQ: City Center Private Development Opportunity
    4.     Public Safety
      1. Public Safety Ammunition Purchase
      2. Crime-Free Multi-Family Housing Initiative
    5.     Recreation and Parks
      1. Purchase of Two (2) Pickup Trucks for Recreation and Parks
      2. Purchase of Various Pieces of Equipment for Parks
    6.     Information Technology
      1. CISCO SmartNet Data Equipment Maintenance 2014
      2. CISCO SmartNet Voice Equipment Maintenance 2014
  9. IX.           REPORTS

City of Alpharetta

Executive Session Agenda for September 16, 2013

City Hall Council Chambers

Immediately Following Council Meeting

  1. I.              PERSONNEL
  2. II.            REAL ESTATE
  3. III.           ADJOURNMENT

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