Jim Gilvin profile in the Alpharetta Revue

In case you missed my candidate profile in the Alpharetta Revue:

In November of 2007, none of the candidates for Alpharetta City Council ran on a platform of unbridled urban development for our city. Yet looking back, we see that is exactly what we got.

Shortly after that election, the City Council approved a 47-acre high-density project with a 15-story condo tower at exit 11 on Ga. 400. Then, they approved a new zoning initiative which will bring thousands more condos and/or apartments to the Milton High School district. Recently, the council approved a third mega project, The Peridot, on Haynes Bridge Road, and they are advancing a revised comprehensive land use plan that will add thousands more apartments and/or condos.

These unprecedented zoning changes will make traffic in Alpharetta absolutely unbearable. The children of Alpharetta will be forced to endure an endless cycle of disruptive school redistricting. The struggling downtown community, the new owners of Prospect Park and the vacant properties that now dot the landscape in Alpharetta will be faced with even more competition for scarce shoppers, dollars and residents.

The people of Alpharetta realize that some growth is desirable and inevitable. They also realize that there is a limit to how much growth our community can sustain without destroying the quality of life we now enjoy.

That is why I am running for the Alpharetta City Council Post 4 seat.

The voters of Alpharetta can now choose between two very distinct visions of their future. Voters can choose to elect the incumbent with a record of supporting unbridled growth regardless of the consequences, or they can choose to vote for my proven track record of promoting growth that Alpharettans can live with.

Alpharettans deserve a City Council representative that will work tirelessly to promote and defend their vision of Alpharetta’s future. I am that person.

You can read the whole thing at northfulton.com.

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