Alpharetta to hold public meetings on new City Center project

Last month the City of Alpharetta unveiled drawings of what they have planned for the new city center. At the time many people including this blogger were disappointed that all the city provided was some artist renderings and a number of $29 million that was apparently pulled out of thin air. The city was unable to provide any specific details about what they had planned but promised those details were to be provided soon. As of this writing there have still been no specific cost estimates for the project.

But on June 3rd the city did release a statement saying that they have scheduled 4 meetings to allow public input on the proposal. The excerpts below are taken from the city’s website:

“Our intent with the May 23rd unveiling was to capture the attention of the public,” said Alpharetta Mayor Arthur Letchas. “Now it is time to discuss details such as financing and timelines that have been identified and to hear from our citizens.” Letchas went on to explain that some details, such as architectural design and the types of uses residents would like to see in buildings proposed for future development by the private sector, have yet to be defined.

“Right now the conversation will be focused on the general vision, the costs associated with building the civic portions of the project, and how we can pay for it without increasing taxes,” Letchas said. “If the public supports the concept, we will hold additional public meetings to get their thoughts on what the buildings should look like and other details.”

*June 16 beginning at 5:30 PM
*June 30 beginning at 6:00 PM
*July 14 beginning at 6:30 PM
*July 25 beginning at 7:30 PM

All sessions will be held at Alpharetta City Hall and are expected to last at least one hour but may run longer, depending on questions and comments from the public.

I hope that the city will release the financial details of the proposal before the public meetings are held because without specifics my reaction will be the same as it is now: “Pretty pictures but not enough details to make an informed decision.”


1 thought on “Alpharetta to hold public meetings on new City Center project

  1. Jimmy,

    We have no financial specifics because there are no specifics. Again, with the exception of the location of the library, this project is a blank slate.

    I think there will be some general financial information available this week based on this first sketch that has been released, but that will change as pieces are added, removed and changed over the summer.

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