Douglas Road in Alpharetta is closing

The next few months are going to be a traffic nightmare in my neck of the woods. The city of Alpharetta is going to be installing a new bridge and a traffic circle at one of the most dangerous intersections in Northeast Alpharetta and the resulting construction is going to cut off a vital roadway for thousands of area residents.

Prepare to take a circuitous detour if you usually drive the length of Douglas Road and I urge people to allow extra time for any travel through the Douglas Road area. Below is a diagram of the work to be done:

I am curious to see how the traffic circle works in this area because I have never seen one in a location quite like this. I’m also skeptical of how well it will work but the intersection is a dangerous one and the city really didn’t have any other valid options so I hope to be pleasantly surprised once the work is completed. If nothing else the traffic circle may encourage some of the cut through traffic in the area to avoid Douglas Road altogether.

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