Ta- Dahhhh! The new and improved Alpharetta city center is unveiled.

Unfortunately there isn’t much information available on Alpharetta’s website. All the city has posted so far is a few “Conceptual renderings” and a sales pitch.

That isn’t enough information to make an informed decision on the merits of the proposal but if you want to see them they are here: http://www.alpharetta.ga.us/index.php?p=501

Since the devil is in the details and the details aren’t online… I hope the city will be making more information available soon.

3 thoughts on “Ta- Dahhhh! The new and improved Alpharetta city center is unveiled.

  1. Jimmy,

    What was displayed at the meeting last night was a “back of the napkin” first draft. There will be a number of public meetings over the next 30 to 60 days where residents can make suggestions and give input. Of course, they can always email the mayor and city council with feedback at citycouncil&mayor@alpharetta.ga.us

    The layout you see today is definitely a work in progress.

    Mike Kennedy

  2. Staff tells me a week or two. Probably early June. Still fine tuning. Given the state of the construction industry right now, I would hope for very favorable pricing.

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