Alpharetta City Councilman DC Aiken “Hearts” High Density Mixed Use Projects

There was an article in the Alpharetta Revue a few weeks ago touting the the new comprehensive land use plan and the thousands of condos or apartments it will add to the most congested corridors of our city. In the piece a consultant that doesn’t live in Alpharetta raves about how great the city could be if we just approve more of these projects… even though none of the ones already approved have succeeded.

Even more surprising was the inclusion of long time city councilman DC Aiken’s vocal support for the continued urbanization of our city. Councilman Aiken is quoted as saying:

“For the most part, it is really not changing anything. Most of the new developments are already mixed-use – Windmill, Prospect Park, MetLife – this is already what is being done”

I find it disappointing and odd that Councilman Aiken would cite a failed mixed use project, a stalled mixed use project and a mixed use project that won’t even be attempted for years as his examples of the city’s new direction but since he voted for all three of them I guess it shouldn’t surprise us. The voters of Alpharetta should remember this when Councilman Aiken comes up for re-election in November.

You can read the entire article here.

1 thought on “Alpharetta City Councilman DC Aiken “Hearts” High Density Mixed Use Projects

  1. Disappointing, yes. But I have infinitely more respect for those who have the guts to go on record for where they stand even if I disagree. I have no respect for those who “decline comment” or those who represent themselves one way and then do another.

    +1 for showing us where you stand Mr. Aiken.

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