“More density envisioned for East Roswell”

That is the headline of this article in the Roswell Neighbor by Joan Durbin. Apparently there is an email circulating in Roswell that points out how the City of Roswell is planning to urbanize in much the same way the City of Alpharetta has for the past five years.

It may come as a surprise to the average resident who is busy raising a family but it is completely consistent with what has been going on in the Atlanta area ever since the 1990’s. That is when the federal government inserted themselves into local zoning issues by forcing local communitities to surrender their autonomy to regional authorities under the threat of withholding transportation money. Now local council members allow our future to be dictated by the federal government through the Atlanta Regional Commission. Of course our schools won’t suck and our crime rates won’t soar until the current councilmembers are safely out of office so what does it matter to them?

I sympathize with the residents of Roswell that are frustrated by a city government that should be representing them and hope that Roswell residents have more success in stopping the high density onslaught than we have here in Alpharetta. We are all fighting the same fight.

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