The Campaign for GOOFUS

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Campaign for GOOFUS

It has recently come to the attention of many Alpharetta residents that our city government has failed to appropriately address the enormous threat to our population caused by global warming. Once residents realized the catastrophe facing our city we immediately organized a committee to raise awareness of this issue.

Unfortunately snow and ice caused the Fulton County School System to close down for an entire week in January so we are a little behind schedule. But to make up for the lost time our organization is now coordinating a community awareness program we call the Campaign for GOOFUS.

GOOFUS stands for Giving Our Offices Full Undergarment Sustainability. Our hope is that on February 28th, 2011 the city of Alpharetta will encourage every public employee to display their underwear on top of their heads. The Campaign for GOOFUS realizes that it could be dangerous for public safety officers to display underwear on their heads during the course of their duties so we ask that they simply wear a tasteful green thong on their right sleeve. The Campaign for GOOFUS also requests that the mayor and city council pass a proclamation setting aside every future February 28th as GOOFUS day in Alpharetta.

Some people may be critical of this effort but by displaying underwear on their heads the city employees will retain the body warmth that is normally released into the atmosphere causing man made global warming. In addition the Campaign for GOOFUS will allow the city of Alpharetta to turn the thermostats down in all public buildings and projections show that the city will save 6 trillion dollars while protecting the planet. This is an important issue and we hope everyone in Alpharetta will join us in encouraging the mayor and city council to make this vital issue a priority.

To demonstrate the overwhelming support for our cause that exists in Alpharetta we have created a poll which we invite stakeholders to participate in below. Please do your part to save the Earth by participating in this Campaign for GOOFUS… for the children!

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