Johns Creek, Alpharetta argue over park fees for nonresidents

The city of Alpharetta could have absorbed Ocee Park for free in 2006. They didn’t and now Alpharetta will have to pay the price for that mistake.

The park has always been heavily used by Alpharetta residents but when Fulton County offered Ocee to Alpharetta in 2006 the mayor, Arthur Letchas, and city council declined. So Ocee then went to the newly formed city of Johns Creek. 

Now Mayor Letchas and the city council are mad that Johns Creek has raised the fees for the Alpharetta residents that live all around a park that could have been theirs in the first place.

Pat Fox of the AJC reports on the issue here and Bob Pepalis  Ann Marie Quill of the Alpharetta Patch reports on the controversy here.

(Editors note: I mistakenly attributed the Alpharetta Patch article to Bob Pepalis but the article was written by Ann Marie Quill. I apologize for the error.)

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