2 thoughts on “North Fulton Mayors: Please tax our constituents more… but with conditions.

  1. I almost wrote about this topic as well. There is more to this story than is really being told. The north Fulton mayors are playing political hardball here, forcing the issue with other metro Atlanta municipalities. I don’t really get a feel for their exact strategy though. I do not think it is merely an attempt to embrace transit and tax us another 1%. I could be wrong though. It’s more an issue of them finally getting a seat at the MARTA table. I think people like Mike Bodker are chomping at the bit to bust up the MARTA board.

  2. Thanks for the comment Lee. You are right. There is a lot more going on here and I think you do a good job of identifying what the mayors are trying to accomplish

    My criticism of what the mayors are doing is the fact that they support raising the sales tax on their constituents as long as they achieve other goals. I object to that and I think many of their conservative constituents do to.

    I believe the problem with transportation in Georgia (or anything else for that matter) is not that we aren’t taxed enough. The problem is that our elected officials do a pi** poor job of allocating the money they already take from us.

    If the state of Georgia can’t provide for basic infrastructure needs now, why should anyone believe they will do better when we give them a few billion more?

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