Danny Boy

One of my favorite songs in the world is Danny Boy. It was my father’s favorite song and I will always remember how beautifully a family friend sang it after his funeral. Today I ran across this version and wanted to share it:

I share this video for two reasons. First, Rafael Moras sings one of the most beautiful versions of “Danny Boy” that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. His voice and delivery are moving.

The second reason is that during this amazing performance someone, probably a parent, keeps adjusting the camera and completely destroys the impact of the song. Instead of sitting back to enjoy an amazing performance by their son the cameraperson tries to adjust the camera which is distracting and detracts from the performance itself.

It is often difficult for parents to sit back and fully appreciate what their children are doing.  But when children do have their special moments we don’t want to be the person that was too busy fiddling with the damn camera to appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Danny Boy

  1. Thank you so much for including this video of my son Rafael singing “Danny Boy”.
    I am the parent recording the video, and since I have a very simple digital camera, I did not realize that I was “adjusting” the camera, because I always leave it on autofocus. Next time, I will make sure that I am aware of this and will take with me a tripod.

    Best wishes always!
    Gladys Roldan-de-Moras

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