Senator Saxby Chambliss, Tax and Spend Republican

Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss continues to show why conservative voters in Georgia are constantly frustrated by his presence in the Senate. As reported on

A few weeks ago, I reported that the Senate Republicans’ point man on dealing with the deficit, Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), said he’d support tax increases as a means to reduce the deficit.  Chambliss promptly denied it.

Yesterday, in the New York Times, Chambliss admitted he and the Senate Republicans will support tax increases to pay off the deficit.


Chambliss has already attacked Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” because, in Chambliss’s words, Ryan is able to balance the budget without cutting defense spending.

I know South Carolinians keep electing Senator Lindsay Graham but at least they make up for it with Senator Jim DeMint. Floridians have finally elected a rock ribbed Republican in Marco Rubio. Alabama has Senator Jeff Sessions. Why doesn’t Georgia have a staunch conservative senator to balance the moderate tendencies of Johnny Isakson?

If Herman Cain isn’t successful in his quest for the Presidency I hope he will consider remedying our situation by making another run to be the junior Senator from Georgia.