Jobs, jobs, jobs

According to the Gallup polling group unemployment in the United States remains over 10%. The latest numbers from the federal government put the number closer to 9 %  but that lower number doesn’t include the 2.8 million people that have completely given up on the hope of finding a job.

Unemployment is a major cause of the ongoing real esate crisis and continues to impact families all over our nation and it is good to hear politicians repeating the phrase “jobs, jobs, jobs”. It is just a shame that government policies don’t seem to reflect the jobs mantra being espoused by politicians. 

President Obama has been on a charm offensive ever since the November elections trying to convince the American people that jobs are his number one priority now. Just last week he spoke to the same American Chamber of Commerce that he vilified a few months ago and he used the occasion to repeatedly emphasize the need for more job creation. Then less than three days later the director of the Congressional Budget testified before congress that the President Obama’s historic health care bill will cause the loss of 800,000 jobs.

800,000 jobs lost because of one stroke of the president’s pen?

It is nice to hear politicians finally talking about jobs. It’s just a shame that when it comes down to a choice between jobs and political goals they often make the wrong choice.

Fat Police?

The Japanese government requires “re-education” for men whose waists are more than 33.5 inches?

One of the problems with the Obamacare bill is that once the government is responsible for our health insurance they wil be able to justify garbage like this.

Well they can have my bacon when they pry it away from my cold, dead hands…

Be a patriot, support NASCAR

Now that U.S. taxpayers own Chrysler and General Motors it is official. NASCAR racing is America’s new national pastime.

I have never been a huge NASCAR fan despite my southern upbringing but I do consider myself a patriotic person. So from now on I vow to support our drivers.

I can’t wait to see Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon swappin’ paint in these bad boys!

Spreadin’ the wealth (as promised)

Saw this article in the AJC this morning:

To summarize, the article says that Georgia might get back $5 billion from the $800 billion stimulus package that President Obama is pushing right now. Seemed bad to me so I ran the numbers and you can judge for yourself.

$800 billion dollars divided by 50 states is $16 billion per state. This number won’t apply to every state but I live in Georgia and as the ninth most populous state I think it is a conservative estimate. So the stimulus package will cost Georgians $16 billion and we might get $5 billion back. Doesn’t sound very stimulating to me!

As a matter of fact it works out to a cost of about $1200 for every man, woman and child in the state of Georgia. So the next time a family in Georgia sits around the dinner table they can add up $1200 dollars a head to see how much our new president expects them to kick in for his stimulus package. Guess that’s what Obama meant by “spread the wealth”.