You’ve come a long way baby!

There is no way the AJC would have printed this 5 years ago: “U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and others’ vision of transit-driven, dense urban communities should wait until we first make headway on reducing regional traffic jams.” It makes so much sense I think Andre Jackson must have slipped a peek at GA Jim lately.  

Seriously though, I have taken plenty of shots at the Atlanta Journal Constitution over the years so I do want to acknowledge the change in their coverage the past year or so. The addition of Kyle Wingfield and the subtraction of Cynthia Tucker on the editorial page have made Atlanta’s paper much less predictable and therefore more readable and interesting.

Congratulations AJC! The bad news is that you must be pi**ing off people on both sides of the aisle now. The good news is that they both have to read you to find out whose turn it is.

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