Fare thee well Ronnie Hammond…

Georgia has an incredible music heritage. James Brown, Little Richard, Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers Band, REM… The list, like the road, goes on forever.

While Ronnie Hammond and the Atlanta Rhythm Section weren’t as famous as those others they were a big part of the Georgia music scene back in the seventies. And their song Georgia Rhythm has always been one of my favorites. Today Ronnie Hammond died and so did a little piece of Georgia’s history along with a little piece of my youth.

Georgia Rhythm picks up at about the 44 second mark:

And before Doraville was known as ITP (Inside The Perimeter) the Atlanta Rhythm Section did a tribute to small town living on what was then the edge of suburban Atlanta. They could just as well have been singing about Alpharetta today.

Dekalb police helicopters have been grounded

According to the AJC the police chief of Dekalb county will be grounding their helicopter patrols. The article here says that it is to save money but based on the video captured by a Dekalb County resident below you can see the real reason. Be advised that you have to watch the whole thing to see the incident at the end.

Hat tip to a reader for the video.