Alpharetta Ambitions


Last week I wrote about the latest proposal from MetLife which would add an additional 414 apartments to the Milton High School district. The site was previously zoned for a high density mixed use project so the biggest change now is that the housing component would be apartments rather than the condos and townhomes previously approved.

Back in May there was a good article titled “MetLife, Lincoln Dust Off Alpharetta Ambitions” on . Below is an excerpt (emphasis theirs) but you should read the whole thing so click the blue link to see the original.

But with Avalon just north of the property, and MARTA eyeing plans to extend rail line along 400, sources say Metlife could see an opportunity to remarket the site toward a more technology-centric office environment. Hence, partly, the name change. The project still needs full approval from the City of Alpharetta later this summer.

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