United Nations applauds the Georgia Transportation Tax increase!

The United Nations is excited about Georgia’s proposed transportation tax increase. In fact they are so excited that they devote several pages in their publication Urban World: Ten Years into the millenium to the idea.

First the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce came up with the idea:

The traffic impasse became a cause celebre for the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and its president, Sam Williams. He recounted

how “we beat the drum for four years” to get permission for a regional transport sales tax add-on, enlisting the aid of the Georgia

State Chamber, top Atlanta corporations, county officials and mayors, plus Chamber allies in such regions as Savannah and Macon.

Then all of the state’s Chambers of Commerce threatened to cut off the money spigot to any politician that didn’t support their tax increase:

A pointed message was also telegraphed to would-be candidates for state office: their position on transport funding would be a

‘litmus test’ of whether they could expect campaign support from the business community.

And once the governor and state legislature were sufficiently motivated they could work together in a bipartisan way to overcome the objections of those rascally ole Tea Partiers:

…bipartisanship can be developed, ‘Tea Party’-like nihilism averted, if a governor and legislative leaders work hard to

make it happen.

Finally the article concludes by thanking Georgia for setting an example for third world countries:

That’s a fascinating model for these times, ideal for transport, maybe fresh water supply systems and other major issues.

Thanks Georgia.

Isn’t that special. You can find the publication on the United Nations website here.

No wonder Jim Galloway of the AJC reports that the entire tax is now in jeopardy:

So in January, we’ll have a full-fledged donnybrook between the two most powerful entities now existing in the Republican party: The state chambers of commerce, and the tea party.


5 thoughts on “United Nations applauds the Georgia Transportation Tax increase!

    • Karen: If you are referring to a specific rail plan please let me know which one. If you are referring to the proposed transportation sales tax increase for Georgia, I am opposed to the tax increase because it will cost each Alpharetta household thousands of dollars while doing almost nothing to relieve traffic congestion and commute times in North Fulton County.

  1. Jim,
    Thank you for your response. I am referring to the rail plan that will be funded by this tax increase, that residents in the counties in which it will be built have absolutely no say at all in whether or not it will be built. Under current law, every resident of the county can vote against the tax, and they will still be taxed and the rail system will still be built in their county.

    The governor of Florida was successful in killing a similar rail plan in his state, which the residents did not want. They understood these rail systems are boondoggles that enrich political cronies, disrupt local communities, and never pay for themselves.

    I wonder why our governor and our attorney general appear to be avoiding this issue?

    I am glad you are opposed to this tax increase. We are all Taxed Enough Already.

    Karen Smith

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