The GA Jim electronic rehab program

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday!

I’d like to thank the regular readers that continued to check GA Jim for updates over the last week while I spent that time offline enjoying the company of  family and friends. I love what I do on this blog but it has been refreshing to take a break. 

It’s been a kind of electronic rehab and despite the fact I never went on a three day blog binge before waking up in a stranger’s house I still think of it as my own version of the Robert Downey Jr. rejuvenation program.

GA Jim isn’t going anywhere and there are interesting times ahead as the election season soon kicks into full gear but if you typically check in here on a regular basis please understand that  posting may be light for a little while longer as I enter the halfway house portion of my therapy to prepare for the fun ahead.

Thanks for your support and I hope all of you enjoy this break as much as I intend to.

1 thought on “The GA Jim electronic rehab program

  1. Electronic fasts are good for the soul. It is a priority for every one of our family’s vacations. Good to have you back and enjoy the rehab process!

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