Atlanta Regional Commission pushes the Obama agenda

In case you haven’t noticed the Atlanta Regional Commission has become a major player in the future of Georgia. The ARC receives most of its funding from federal grants to aid the elderly and promote “livability”. ARC then uses that money to promote the federal objectives by working closely with local municipalities. By doing that ARC serves as a tool for the federal government to insert their social engineering ideas into seemingly local issues.

The Northpoint Livable Center Initiative which brought Alpharetta the recent MetLife mixed use project is an example and so is the LCI grant which the city of Milton is now considering.

I mention this because of a recent editorial in the Washington Examiner which says:

A third and fourth  reason for the explosion in proposed transportation spending is the president’s commitment to create two new programs –  a livability program and a new train program where Amtrak gets to masquerade as high speed rail. Both programs have strong appeal to unions and environmentalists, and combined would cost $101 billion over the next six years.


Ray LaHood defines livability as “being able to take your kids to school, go to work, see a doctor, drop by the grocery or post office, go out to dinner and a movie, and play with your kids in a park, all without having to get in your car.”

Achieving the LaHood vision means nudging/forcing/coercing people into buses or trolleys, and creating tighter living arrangements.  The president proposes $48.1 billion over six years to implement the LaHood social engineering scheme.

So the federal government plans to spend nearly 150 billion dollars to push a liberal agenda but the conservatives are balking. Isn’t it curious that zoning issues in North Fulton County reflect that same conflict? What’s even more curious is watching which side the Atlanta Regional Commission and supposedly conservative elected officials take in that struggle.

You should read the whole thing here.

4 thoughts on “Atlanta Regional Commission pushes the Obama agenda

  1. Isn’t it curious that zoning issues in North Fulton County reflect that same conflict? What’s even more curious is watching which side the Atlanta Regional Commission and supposedly conservative elected officials take in that struggle.

    It is the Hegelian Dialectic at work. The Synthesis becomes the new Thesis of the “conservatives.” It is a continual cycle but I believe most self-professing “conservatives” are not even aware of it. This usually happens when you are not anchored in foundational principles.

  2. Here’s a more accurate description of the LCI program: Through the LCI
    program, planning grants are provided to local governments
    and non-profit organizations to help them prepare a plan for
    the enhancement of existing town centers, activity centers and
    corridors. This enables these areas to take advantage of infrastructure
    and private investments already committed in these
    communities — resulting in more balanced regional development,
    fewer vehicle miles traveled and better air quality.

    For more information about this popular program, please see:

    • Thank you for coming by Susan. I am sure there are a lot of fine people that work for ARC but with all due respect the federal government just posted a 223 Billion Dollar deficit for the single month of February so I’d prefer they focus on stopping their unsustainable spending rather than continuing to hand out money they don’t have to finance their cockamamie social agenda.

  3. Well, if churches, communities, and local businesses would go ahead and step up with raising the millions of funding needed to keep infrastructure safe and updated, I’d agree with you. Otherwise, you’re flat out wrong. Of course, if it was Bush or another Republican approving these funds, you wouldn’t even be writing this…..

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