Love Your Children

My day began with a tragic reminder of how precious, yet fragile life is. And how quickly the world can change for a family. 

Take nothing for granted. 

Love your children.



I have received several notes from concerned readers and I want to clarify that no tragedy has befallen my family.

A neighbor called first thing this morning to tell me that something horrible had happened to a young man that was a friend and teammate to both of our sons. As a parent the mere thought of the pain this young man’s family is experiencing overwhelms me. 

If you are so inclined, please say a prayer for his family. And don’t forget to love yours.

1 thought on “Love Your Children

  1. Jim, I am a brand new reader of your blog, and I am enjoying it. I live off of Academy Street in Alpharetta. I look forward to your perspective on things. Maybe I could buy you a Starbucks sometime.

    Take Care,

    Scott Pinson

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