Debt now equals total U.S. economy? We should be so lucky.

 The present course of our nation is unsustainable. An article in today’s Washington Times titled “Debt now equals total U.S. economy” explains:

“President Obama projects that the gross federal debt will top $15 trillion this year, officially equalling the size of the entire U.S. economy, and will jump to nearly $21 trillion in five years’ time.”

And that doesn’t even include the money our government owes to the Social Security and Medicare systems. This article by Kevin Williamson on  explains the stunning news that Social Security and Medicare are actually $106 trillion dollars in debt!

Those numbers boggle the mind. That’s like a person making $15,000 a year with credit card balances equal to a years worth of work on top of a $106,000 mortgage.  That’s not good.

In fact too many Americans tried living that economic model and it ended up causing the economic collapse we faced in 2008. And if we don’t make changes now our children are going to face economic challenges that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies.

But the future doesn’t have to be scary. The United States is still the greatest nation that ever existed on the face of the Earth and we have everything we need to succeed at our disposal. But if we the people are going to turn this mess around we are going to have to start by electing people with the courage to be honest about the challenges we face.

Honest politicians are out there. We the people just need to do a better job of seeking them out and electing them.

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