Georgia’s Senator Isakson speaks out

Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson has been noticeably vocal this week.

Wednesday Senator Isakson once again proposed that the federal budgeting process should be done on a 2 year basis instead of the annual process which is the norm. It is not the first time he has raised this issue but given the current political climate it may actually get some traction now and I think it should.

There are several good reasons to go to biennial budgeting but the most significant is that it could reduce the pressure on congress to provide pork spending during election years. An article in the AJC explains it this way:

“under Isakson’s plan, lawmakers would work on spending bills on odd-numbered years — when they’re not up for reelection — and work on government oversight in even-numbered years, when they are up for reelection.

 “It changes the paradigm,” he said. “Instead of telling reporters about all the bacon you’re going to bring home, you’re telling them about all the savings you’re going to find so you can pay for things in the future.”

Of course the federal budgeting bears no resemblance to the type of financial planning that takes place in the private sector. In 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007 congress failed to agree on a budget and for 2011 the Democrats in control avoided even the appearance of drawing up a budget. So the reform of a budgeting process which is largely ignored may not have much of an impact but any semblance of fiscal sanity would be welcome.

There is also another statement from Senator Isakson on the website today. The headline says that the Georgia called on President Obama to respect the will of the people as expressed in the 2010 congressional elections. 

“They spoke loud and clear that they want congress to rein in spending, get control of spending, they didn’t want us to mortgage their children’s future,” Isakson said

I used to work for Northside Realty back when Johnny Isakson ran the place and I have a tremendous amount of respect for the man and the way he handles his business. His initial position on immigration reform and then his support for the bailout bill disappointed me but I am encouraged to see that he is stepping up his pressure on government spending.

Go get ’em Senator!

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