Three cheers for Rupert Parchment & Decor Moving Services of Atlanta

An Atlanta business is offering a special relocation deal for Illinois residents hoping to avoid the recent income tax increases in that state:

Décor is offering the “I’m Outta Here” special of 10-50% off of their already discounted rates for those who wish to exercise their right to relocate. The special is described as relief from higher taxes with financial savings for those businesses or residents who relocate to Atlanta, GA. The “I’m Outta Here” special starts immediately and is described as a way to welcome new jobs to Georgia and help people burdened by high taxes.

“As a small business owner, I’m struggling to stay above water. Where would I be without my employees? I can’t reduce salaries any more. I can’t lay more people off. It’s heart-wrenching. When you already are hungry, adding more taxes is like drawing blood from a rock. We just don’t have it to give,” said Rupert Parchment, Owner of Décor Moving Services, Inc.

I applaud Mr. Parchment for his using his conservative beliefs to create a brilliant marketing campaign. Hopefully he will attracts enough business to keep his employees busy in an industry which has taken some major hits in recent years. Good Luck to Mr. Parchment and Decor Moving Services as they have the inside track to being named GA Jim’s business of the year for 2011!

Read the whole thing here.

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