GA Jim’s comment policy

Based on the traffic statistics of this website I know that there are a lot of new readers to GA Jim. I welcome all of you and hope that GA Jim will prove to be a useful forum for the discussion of issues that face our city, our state and our nation.

Because I believe open and honest debate is constructive I allow comments on GA Jim to foster discussion. But as commenters have noticed I do moderate their comments and decide on a case by case basis whether each one will be posted. Since many of you are new to this blog I want to explain my general comment criteria.

GA Jim is not a public forum, GA Jim is my forum. I welcome all of you regardless of your background, point of view or agenda and I enjoy verbal sparring so please feel free to comment. But understand that I feel no obligation to post your comment.

I suggest commmenters view this website as a kind of virtual living room that I use to host cocktail parties. If you wouldn’t say it to me or one of my guests in person you probably shouldn’t say it here. While I am a huge fan of sarcasm and don’t mind a good natured jab every once in a while I will not allow the comment section of this blog to devolve into a place where internet “trolls” hide behind false identities and attack each other.

So come on in, kick off your shoes and make your self at home here at GA Jim… but if you can’t play nice you may soon find yourself kicked out to the curb.

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