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  1. Great website. I just recently found you and Roots In Alpharetta. Are there other Alpharetta websites lurking out there?

    The real sin here is that there are no public informational meetings to alert the taxpayers as to what is being planned for our city. If the public had wind of what was going on instead of things being quietly passed in the dark of night, then I believe the Council and Planning Commission members would be more responsive to the heart of the citizenry.

    I only caught wind of this project by seeing a notice buried in a *Christmas* issue of the Revue! I contacted a councilman to get more information on this project. I attended the Planning Commission meeting on Thursday night and was even more surprised when I saw the scope of this project. I knew it sounded big from the public hearing description but I didn’t realize how big until I saw the architectural presentation. Why haven’t there been meetings with this presentation given to the public????

    There were only three people who got up to speak. One man favored it but he lived in Atlanta on Luckie Street so why does he have say into what happens in Alpharetta???? Two other residents spoke. I’m not sure how they knew about the project but both seemed well-informed. It sounded like part of this project doesn’t even meet code, which I’m not that surprised given another local project I recently worked on. I’m coming to believe this is a pattern, not an anomaly.

    You had better believe we will be paying attention to the mayoral races and future Council races as well. There is a whole contingent of people waking up to what is going on out there. We have local tea parties and 912 groups who are slowly but surely starting to pay attention to the local issues. We are networked across townships as well so that’s a good thing.

    BTW, did you know that Johns Creek regularly holds public informational meetings on their larger projects? I found this out from one of my local tea party contacts.

    We just need to stand up and educate our neighbors. The city is only allowed to get by with this stuff by keeping people in the dark. I am convinced that when people are informed about what is going on, they will respond. Our councilmen will then have to be more accountable to the citizenry as it should be! Just keep talking to your neighbors and build contact lists. We have the technology to keep each other informed now.

    Keep up the good work on the website.

  2. Hey Kim… I wish there were more local blogs around here. I also like Bob Strader’s blog, although Jim and I often disagree with him on some political issues. Bob’s blog is still terrific. It is http://www.liveinalpharetta.com/blog/

    I’d also follow the new Patch editions that are popping up everywhere.

    There are a few hyper-local blogs/websites in the Milton area as well. They seem to have a completely different set of priorities.

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