If you don’t read Kyle Wingfield, you should

I have mentioned the recent editorial changes at the Atlanta Journal before and the addition of Kyle Wingfield is one of the changes that has been the most encouraging.

Back in 2009 the AJC made a big deal out of their search for a conservative columnist and the fact that it was a big deal tells you the state of the paper back then. At the time I was highly skeptical of the iniative. Based on the AJC’s recent history I expected them to end up with some blue-blood, country club Republican like Peggy Noonan that professes conservatism but has no problem supporting Barack Obama as a candidate for President. At the time I was actually rooting for Will Collier to get the job. While I still think Will would have done a terrific job I was completely wrong about the columnist that eventually won the position, Kyle Wingfield.

Kyle has turned out to be an actual conservative that looks at the issues of the day through the lens of conservative principles and it is refreshing to read him in the Atlanta Journal. I may not always agree with Kyle but he does a great job of laying out his views and I don’t ever remember him taking a position that wasn’t consistent with conservative principles.

If you are conservative and are not reading Kyle Wingfield’s work on a regular basis, you should be. That is why I am adding him to the GA Jim blogroll.

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