Surprise, Surprise! Georgia taxpayers decline to raise their taxes

I have noticed that as political junkies sift through the ashes of yesterday’s election in Georgia few people have discussed the defeat of the proposed constitutional Amendment #2. The proposed amendment would have raised annual car tag fees in the state by $10 and the money would purportedly have gone to fund additional trauma centers in underserved areas of the state. According to the AJC the people of Georgia refused to raise taxes on themselves by a margin of 53% to 47%.

I wrote about this issue earlier and last week I found this comment on “I got burned with the 400 toll roads. I fully believed the government when it was said the tolls would come down when it was paid for. Since that is not going to happen, I will probably vote no on everything from now on.” It seems that I wasn’t the only person fed up with the way the state of Georgia has been stealthily slipping their hand into my wallet.

I know of no political figure that opposed this amendment and there was a multimillion dollar ad campaign which supporters of the amendment funded in the weeks before the election. The tax increase lost by 129,000 votes.

I hope Republicans are paying attention.

1 thought on “Surprise, Surprise! Georgia taxpayers decline to raise their taxes

  1. In a Constitutional representative republic (what we are supposed to be), the representatives vote on this garbage and are held accountable.

    In a democracy (where they are taking us), the mob rules. Clever because then the reps never have to be held accountable.

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