Point/Counterpoint, Atlanta’s shiny new trolley project

The city of Atlanta is currently celebrating a $47 million check they received from the U. S. Department of Transportation. The money is to be used for a streetcar which will run a couple of miles from Centennial Park to the M.L. King center downtown. The success of this project is doubtful but in the big scheme of things that isn’t a big deal. The United States federal government wastes that much money each day before President Obama even makes the turn at Congressional.

But the streetcar project is important because it provides a clear illustration of why our nation’s economy is floundering. The nation is deeply in debt and any money we spend should be used for projects that will bring us a substantial return on our investment. Instead our government is busy fiddling around with thousands of frivolous projects like this. The streetcar also provides an opportunity to show how a project like this is viewed from both a liberal and conservative point of view.

To illlustrate my point I would like to introduce you to two characters. The role of progressive transportation advocate Jane Curtain will be played by Maria Saporta. Ms. Saporta believes that “The $47.6 million streetcar grant endorses Atlanta’s transportation strategy”.  On the other hand, the role of conservative/libertarian commentator Dan Aykroyd is being played today by Neil Boortz. Mr. Boortz believes that the “Trolley nothing but Fanplex on wheels”

Read both arguments and decide for yourself about the trolley. In 5-10 years and at least $47 million we will be able to look back and tell which side was right. 

By the way, I drove by the Fanplex the other day. It is a parking lot for Braves games now.

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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