Tools of Freedom

A big part of my youth was filled with live music. There wasn’t alot to do in Macon, GA in the 1980’s so many of my friends and I spent way too much time drinking beer and going to see bands.

One of my favorite bands back then was called The Tools of Freedom. The Tools were a hard rocking southern band, much like Drive By Truckers but with a little more edge. The band consisted of Mike Gossett on drums, Judd Shirley on bass, Danny Esposito on lead guitar and Bryant Mickler singing lead. The guys were talented, loud, hilarious and the best damn “party ” band I ever had the privilege of hearing.

Of course, in the eighties we didn’t walk around with cell phones that had video recorders on them so there is very little record of this band that I loved going to see. But today a friend from Macon, John Meyer, has posted some videos on youtube and I will include it here as a tribute.

The video doesn’t come close to doing them justice but if you want a little better idea of what made them fun go check out this link at 

The video at the bottom is just a teaser of what would come. By the way, check out the peg band if you get a chance because it is the latest incarnation of a great band and talented musicians.

And if that’s just not enough here is a link to the only CD I have from a show at the Yellow Rose in Macon, Georgia.

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