Alpharetta Planning Commission faces urbanization in Milton High School District… again

Tonight the Alpharetta Planning Commission will review an application for another high density mixed use project with more than 400 apartments in the Milton High School District. It seems like just yesterday I was standing in front of the Alpharetta … Continue reading

I smell a rat…

This afternoon I checked the mail and found a flyer under my mailbox that was offensive… and I smelled a rat. The flyer used repulsive and inflammatory language to describe people who are currently trying to rezone land in our neighborhood for the Amana Academy charter school. But there … Continue reading

Taxpayers pick up the tab for Windward Mill road improvements

Back in 2008 the Alpharetta City Council approved a high density mixed use project for the intersection of Windward Parkway and Northpoint Parkway. The developer of the project is a man named Penn Hodge and he calls the proposed project Windward … Continue reading

City of Alpharetta invites you to see their 30 pieces of silver

The city of Alpharetta issued a press release today inviting residents to come see their new plans for the Northpoint LCI center. Below is the release: Open House Announced For Encore Parkway Improvements Released on: Monday, April 11, 2011 10:00 … Continue reading

Alpharetta continues urbanization to attract MARTA

Tonight the Alpharetta City Council voted to approve another high density mixed use project with nearly 500 condos. The vote was unanimous and it was embarrassing to watch how council members fawned over the developers. The council toothlessly imposed ownership restrictions but MetLife … Continue reading

AJC explores the urbanization of Alpharetta

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has an article which explores the ongoing push by City Council to urbanize Alpharetta. You can read the whole thing here. The piece includes comments from yours truly and another like minded resident. MetLife refused to comment. I guess they feel no … Continue reading